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January 01-02  - “Araw nan Bacuag”

January 14       -“Araw nan Gigaquit”

January 15-16 - Municipality of Dapa : “Sinulog Pit Senyor “(Sto.Nino) in honor of the little Child Jesus, A two days celebration highlighted by a religious mass, civic parade, ethnic street dancing, Agro-Industrial Fair and other contests.

February 21-25 - “National Secondary press Conference.”

February 22      - “Araw nan Socorro”

March - Caraga Cultural Road Show: Madjaw karadjaw

March 20-21 - Municipality of San Benito : A town Fiesta celebration highlighted by the “Madjaw Karajaw festival” A mass street dancing and festivities with the performers clad in colorful costumes, dancing to the overwhelming beat of drums in honor of their Patron Saint-Senor San Benito.

April    - Alpha Phi Omega 24 th Biennial Convention

April    - Lakbayk Tribo-8 th National Caravan for indigenous people's rights & for the               environment.

April 04-05 - Municipality of Tubajon : Feast Day in Honor of their Patron Saint-San Vicente  Ferrer, A fiesta celebration of Merry making and dancing complimented with trade fairs, cultural dances and sporting events .

April 04-05 - Municipality of Basilisa , Rizal (San Vicente Ferrer) : Feast Day highlighted with  Cultural and Sports-Fest activities.

April 22 - Ms. Philippines Earth Caraga Regional Search.

April 25-27 - Senator Robert “Bobby Barbers National Bancarera Champion-ship held at Mabua                       Pebble Beach , Surigao City .

May - Training Workshops on Front liners, Customer Service, House Keeping Techniques and  Proper Waste Management.

May - PBMA National Conference, San Jose , Dinagat IslandSDN.

May - Municipality of Placer (Most Holy Trinity): The feast of the most Holy Trinity is observed  forty (40) days after the Resurrection. during this time religious activities are being  performed and lavish preparations are being made in time of the feast day.

May - Indigenous People's Cultural Festival.

May - 3rd Nickel Island Mountain Bike Challenge.

May 07-08 - Mantawi Festival ; Mandaaue City , Cebu

May 08 - Second Flatland Skim Boarding Competition at Banahaw Beach, Surigao City .

May 14-15 - Municipality of Malimono (San Isidro Labrador): A two days thanks giving fiesta  celebration in honor of San Isidro Labrador for a bountiful harvest highlighted by  Cultural events, trade fair and beauty pageants.

May 14-15 - Municipality of Loreto , “Lawigan Festival” Legends say that the First settlers of  Loreto whose old name was “Mabua” came from Bohol, Leyte and Samar, Mabua came from the visayan word “Bua” which means foamy substance that usually float on the Mabua River . They formed small communities through the place w/c they termed “Lawig” which means Voyage. Each group developed its own culture. As a result, Loreto has a variety of language, customs and way of l ife . Hence, the “Lawigan Festival”

May 14-15 - Municipality of San Isidro : A two day fiesta celebration in honor of the feast day of San Isidro Labrador. A Solemn procession marks the highlight of the occasion and  other various cultural presentation.

May 15-16 - Municipality of Alegria (San Isidro Labrador): A thanksgiving festival in honor of the  feast day of San Isidro Labrador, the farmer Saint for a bountiful harvest.

May 16 - “Araw nan Alegria”

May 24 - “Araw nan San Francisco ”

June 02-03 - Community based Tourism Seminar / Workshop

June 04-05 - Bancarera – Mabua Peeble Beach , SDN

June 12-13 - Municipality of Libjo (San Antonio de Padua): A two day fiesta celebration of  thanksgiving in honor of the Patron Saint San Antonio de Padua, the healer. Other  activities includes cultural presentation, trade fair and beauty pageants.

June 17 - “Araw nan Basilisa”

June 17 - “Araw nan Burgos ”

June 18 - “Araw nan del Carmen”

June 18-19 - Municipality of Socorro (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) : A two day fiesta celebration  of thanksgiving offered to our Lady of Socorro for all answered prayers. A  traditional solemn procession marks the highlight of the occasion.

June 19 - Municipality of San Jose (Sagrado Corazon): Fiesta celebration in honor of the                 Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

June 19 - “Adlaw nan Surigao Celebration”

June 21 - “Araw nan Tubajon”

June 22 - “Araw nan Tagana-an”

June 28-29 -Municipality of Sison (Sta. Peter and Paul): a two day religious festivity honoring the  pillars of Christianity ,Saint Peter and Paul, other activities includes cultural shows,  sports events and beauty pageants.

June 28-29 -Municipality of Cadianao (Sts. Peter and Paul): A fiesta celebration in honor of Saints  Peter and Paul highlighted by the “Sirong-Sirong Festival” , an ethnic Madri- Gras Parade and other events such as agro industrial fair, sports events and beauty pageants.

June 28-29 -Municipality of Tubod (Sts. Peter and Paul): A fiesta celebration in honor of Saints  peter and Paul highlighted by an ethnic Madri-Gras street dancing contest, agro  industrial fair and public dancing.

July - “Suroy sa Surigao” A Guided Familiarization Tour for Dinagat and Siargao Island . To                     promote domestic tourism, the Provincial Government is sponsoring guided tours to                     elementary & secondary students. The tour includes visitto important landmarks &                     scenic spots.

July 15-16 - Municipality of del Carmen (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) Veneration of the                      Madonna and child of Mount Carmel is being observed in a two day fiesta                      celebration. A grand procession of corroza, bedeck with flowers marks the                      highlighted of the occasion.

July 15-16 -Municipality of Tagana-an (Our Lady of Mount Carmel): The feast day of our Lady of Mount Carmel is celebrated in a two day event of pomp, pageantry and prayers as a way of thanksgiving for all intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Other activities  includes cultural shows, sports fest and trade fairs.

July 25-26 - Municipality of Burgos (Sta. Ana): A two day fiesta celebration in honor of the  Mother Blessed Virgin Mary, Sta. Ana. Other activities includes cultural shows, sport  events and beauty pageant.

July 31 - “Araw nan Malimono” The Unggoyan Festival.

August -Seminar Workshop on Strategic Planning & Marketing Promotions.

August 27 - Municipality of Santa Monica (St. Monica): A day celebration in honor of the feast  day of St. Monica, solemn procession marks the highlight of event.

August 27-28 - Municipality of Gigaquit ( St. Augustine ): A feast day in honor of Saint Augustine celebration with much gaiety through street dancing, agro-industrial fair and beauty contests.

August 29 - “Araw nan Gen. Luna”

August 31 - “Charter Day” Surigao City

September 1-10 - Visit Surigao 2005 – Surigao City/ Surigao del Norte, A balikbayan program in time with “Visit Philippines 2005” Festivities and Cultural Events are lined up highlighted by the “Bonok-Bonok Marajao Karajaw” festival on September 09 and the feast of Sr. San Nicolas de Tolentino on the 10 th of September.

September 08-09 - Municipality of Claver (St. Peter Claver): A traditional fiesta activity which  culminates a Eucharistic celebration in honor of Saint. Peter Claver. Other highlighted  includes the early dawn Diana, Sumptuous food fest and a grand dance festival.

September 09-10 - Surigao City (Senor Nicolas de Tolentino): A week long annual fiesta  celebration honoring the City's Patron Saint San Nicolas de Tolentino. A day long  Madri-Gras marked by street dancing festivities called the “Bobok-Bonok Maradjaw  Karajaw festival” is the main highlight of the event. Other activities includes
agro-includes agro-industrial fair, food festival, Sports-fest, exhibits and more.

September 13 - “Araw nan Claver”

September 16-18 - 2006 Grand Pundok Habagat Lake Mainit Festival
                                        Activities : Eco-Tourism, Fun Climb, Bike tour & Caving.
                                        Host : DOT-13 CARAGA REGION.

September 17 - “Araw nan San Benito ”

September 18 - “Araw nan Tubod”

September 19-20 -Municipality of Mainit (San Nicolas de Tolentino) A two day feast ivy of  dancing and merry making honor of Sr. San Nicolas de Tolentino for all the blessings  the town has received complemented with Agro-Industrial fair , Sports-fest and  beauty pageants.

September 21-22 - Municipality of Gen. Luna (Sto. Tomas Villanueva): A town fiesta celebration  in honor of Sto. Tomas Villanueva highlighted with cultural presentations, trade fair and sports events.

September -International Surfing Cup / National Surfing Cup

October - NCIP-NCAA Indigenous people's month

October - Gov. Lyndon S. Barbers Cup PPSA Standard National Championship Level III. A                     gathering of top level Practical Shooting Enthusiast from various gun clubs from                     different regions held at Don Inocencio Cortes Firing Range , Mabua, Surigao del Norte.

October 1 - “Araw nan Sta. Monica”

October 7 -Municipality of Bacuag (Our Lady of the Holy Rosary): A nine day religious affair of Prayers and Novena's offered to our Lady of the Holy Rosary culminated with a grand procession on the 7 th of October. Other highlights are cultural presentation and sports events.

October 9 - “Araw nan San Isidro ”

October 11-12 -Municipality of Pilar (Our Lady of Pilar): A fiesta celebration OF Merry making  dancing and Sumptuous food festival in honor of our Lady of Pillar, the town's Patron  Saint.

October 25 -Battle of Surigao Strait: The greatest Naval battle in the Philippine history between the Allied Forces and the Japanese Imperial Army was stayed in Surigao Strait during  World War II. The commemoration of this event stretches from Suriago City to  Loreto where the American Troops landed on that significant day in 1944.

October 28 - “Araw nan Pillar”

November -Best of the Region: “WOW Philippines ” Intramuros Manila.

November - Provincial Government Employees “Family Day”

November 09 -“Araw nan Dapa”

November 15 -“Araw nan San Jose ”

December 02-03 -Municipality of Anao-aon (St. Francis Xavier): Town fiesta celebration  highlighted with the annual Sibay-Sibay festival featuring ethnic street dancing and  Merry making as a form of thanksgiving for the blessing and bountiful harvest th town has received.

December 07-08 - Municipality of Dinagat (Immaculate Conception): A two-day Fiesta  celebration of pomp. Pageantry and prayer in honor of the Blessed Virgin  Mary complemented by cultural shows, Sports competition and other events.

December 23 -“Araw nan Cagdianao”

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