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Nokia 8800
Discover the new Nokia 8800 phone. Created for your ultimate pleasure, its graceful looks andseamless functions will leave a lasting impression. Every aspect has been meticulously considered and precisely engineered; from the laser-cut curves of its steel-clad body to the state-of-art slide mechanism and fine-pitched screen with reinforced glass.

Samsung E730
A classic silver design with a neat 88g and 87x43x23mm profile makes a lasting impression,excluding style and confidence, Compact and easy to carry, the SGH-E730 fits neatly into your mobile lifestyle keeping you connected, communicating and transfering information, or taking pictures!

Clean Living

Get to know how Silver Nano Health System promotes good health and well-being so that we can breath, taste ang live life to its fullest.
Capture Life in Your Hands

Go as far as your imagination can with the Miniket. Record and play whatever. Go ahead. Take it with you.

Angel Aquino struts her E800 and tells us a thing or two about the new fashion phone which we may find interesting.
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