A worthy successor indeed
If Mosaic at Greenbelt’s success were any indication, then KL Mosaic is destined for an equally deserved prominence. Rising just a block away from the first Mosaic in the heart of the Makati central business district, KL Mosaic is Brittany Corporation’s partnership with the Kalaw-Ledesma clan, famed for its art collections, which will be housed in a enclosure called “The Biggest Little Room” within the residential condominium.

And since KL Mosaic is from a maverick developer known for its revolutionary innovations, it has more to offer than its strategic location and its already-packed amenities and special features. It has a unique design that is faithful to what Brittany terms as “art-chitecture,” or the integration of art into the built environment.

t is hexagonal in shape, a truly artful interpretation of modern living. All units are designed to be more spacious than what other developers in the area offer. KL Mosaic is faithful to Brittany’s brand of creating only the best of communities.

A marriage of art and architecture.
ART-CHITECTURE is a unique style and method of design and construction where art is integrated into the built environment - a philosophy created by Brittany Corporation. Designed as a hexagon shape, the 32-storey KL Mosaic keeps to its truth as a monument of modern art, with each element essential to its overall structure.


Mosaic is a 909 sqm piece of prime real estate on 117 Gamboa St. Legaspi Village, Makati City, fronting the lush greens of Legaspi Park.

The thriving pulse of Makati at your fingertips with an incoparable view of Legaspi Park and Washington SyCip Park. The convenience of the commercial and the financial district, and the unlimited dinning and entertainment choices. Whatever you want to do, KL Mosaic puts you in the right place to do it.


• Gym and Fitness area
• Function area
• Landscaped areas
• Guest anunciator
• 90 square meter lap pool on 7th level

• Inspired ART-chitecture on all 32 levels.
• Museum on amenity level (8th floor)
• 3-basement levels & 5-level podium parking
• Balconies for most of the units
• 2 passenger elevators + 1 service elevator
• High ceiling for main lobby
• Provision for CATV & telephone line
• Tinted glass for all windows
• Automatic smoke detector for all units
• Provision for multi-point water heater
• Steel security doors for all units with peephole
• Smoke detector for all units
• 24-hour security
• Provisions for window & split type air conditioners