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Lake Mainit in Surigao - Big Lakes In Philippines

Lake Mainit in Surigao - Big Lakes In Philippines

Today we will be taking you to the fourth biggest lake in the Philippines called mainit lake in a area called mainit. Mainit is around a 1 hour drive from surigao city and is a nice chilled out relaxing day out of surigao.

Mainit Lake is huge, this being only number 4 in the big lake list in the Philippines i wonder how big the biggest lake is. The water is calm and the surroundings is just as calm.

For food and drinks you will need to go into mainit town, mainit lake is not a popular tourist attraction so has nothing on the lake for people. The town is only a short 5 or 10 minute walk away.

Next we headed to mapaso hot spring. Mapaso is a really pretty well maintained hot spring with around 6 or 7 pools. We only see 2 westerners here so its mainly used by the locals enjoying there weekends and time off.

Entrance into mapaso hot spring is 30 pesos which is a bargain for what they offer you.

All in all it was a great day out to lake mainit and mapaso falls and one we would recommend if you are in the surigao area for a day or 2. The drive is lovely with great views all the way through the countryside.

Source: Coshan Uncharted



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